Nepean Summer Reading 2024

It’s officially time to swap out those long reports for some sun-soaked page-turners (or, in today’s age, thumb-scrollers) and so we wanted to share some of the articles and books that caught our eye so far this year, in case you’re looking for a little more beach-side reading.

We’ve also sprinkled some of the team’s favourite musical gems into Nepean’s summer playlist. Our go-to sunshine songs, our feel-good tunes. Something to get you in the mood…

Interesting & Curious

Oh, you have an opinion? Are you sure about that? | The Conversation [link]

Einstein’s theory was wrong about black holes made out of light | New Scientist [link]

I can’t picture things in my mind. I didn’t realize that was unusual | The Guardian [link]

The Trading Game: A Confession | Gary Stevenson (Book) [link]

Culture & Art

Where does culture come from? | London Review of Books [link]

The Uglification of Everything | Wall Street Journal [link]

Baker’s Dozen: Retracing the Fourth Doctor’s legendary Soho spree | The Fence [link]

Bees, like humans, can preserve cultural traditions | The Economist [link]

Politics & Technology

‘Enshittification’ is coming for absolutely everything | Financial Times [link]

Baillie Gifford is just the start for radical left | The Times [link]

There are three sides to every story | The Spectator [link]

The Coming Wave | Mustafa Suleyman (Book) [link]

Business & Finance

When to sell your stocks | The Economist [link]

Haters Gonna Hate, But ‘Swiftonomics’ Is Real And Taylor Swift Can Move The Wheel Of Money | Free Press Journal [link]

Here’s your critique of our attempt to make the ‘perfect sellside note’ | Financial Times Alphaville [link]

Budgeting is officially a flex: What is loud budgeting on TikTok? | The Cut [link]

Nepean’s Summertime Playlist [link]

1. Farhan Akhtar, María del Mar Fernández – Senorita

(A Hindi-Spanish Bollywood fusion classic)

2. Change – The Glow of Love

(Taking you back to the good old 80s, RIP Luther)

3. Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band – Express yourself

(Is this musical communications consulting?)

4. Sages Comme Des Sauvages – On te l’avait dit

(Transl. ‘We told you so’. Released only a few weeks ago. We liked it)

5. Girl on Couch – Man in Finance

(The Tiktok song that went viral this year. Nearly 50 million views and counting)

6. Ray Charles – What’d I say

(How can you say no to a little Rhythm and Blues?)

7. The Wilder Blue, Luke Combs – Seven Bridges Road

(A favourite from a country playlist [link] made by one of our very own at Nepean)