You don’t require our services if…

Your business is perfectly understood, and you have a simple, clear and consistent narrative

You are effectively engaging the stakeholders who are making the decisions that matter to your business in order to maximize its value

You can successfully navigate a transaction, crisis or other moment of intense scrutiny and pressure (M&A, IPO, Litigation, Activism)

You are using research and insight to understand what your reputation is and where this is material to your business

There is no gap between your ‘walk’ and ‘talk’ when it comes to sustainability (ESG & D&I) and your role in society

You are confident you can communicate and get support for any change of strategy or structure in your business

You can manage scrutiny from the media, regulators or pressure groups

You can create and maintain momentum to generate support for a campaign

You can create targeted digital content and understand what engages your key audiences most

Your reputation enables you to attract and retain the best talent

You have an independent trusted advisor who acts as a ‘second brain’ to bounce ideas off and challenge your thinking

You are able to map out and plan for future risks and opportunities rather than dealing with the here and now

You think that reputation doesn’t make a difference in achieving your objectives

Your reputation is as good as it ever could be…