World Earth Day: Playing Our Part

Happy World Earth Day!

Today, approximately one billion people across the globe are participating by showing their support for environmental protection. As part of this year’s theme, ‘Invest In Our Planet’, individuals and businesses have been encouraged to invest in – and switch to – greener practices and technologies. In keeping with this, we would like to highlight some of the recent internal sustainability initiatives that we have been putting into play, here at Nepean.

Observing Earth Day this year feels particularly sobering. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) third working report published earlier this month stated that that it is now “almost inevitable” for temperatures to rise above 1.5c – an increase resulting in irreversible climate breakdown. With such concerning warnings for our planet, it is a necessity for every one of us to do our best by consciously living a more sustainable life.

As a business, we strongly believe that our behaviour – our corporate body language – must speak just as loudly as our words. At Nepean, we are taking small, but significant steps to play our part. As part of our journey to Net-Zero, we have made meaningful changes, and intend to continue developing our approach as we grow.

We are proud to announce that we are now a member of the UK SME Climate Hub, a UN-backed initiative that empowers small to medium sized companies to take climate action and build resilient businesses for the future. Although our current carbon footprint as a small company may not be as obvious as some, we recognise that it exists, and that we can – and should – do something about it. As a signatory of the Climate Hub, we have committed to understanding and reporting our company emissions, and introducing ways of proactively tackling them in order to achieve Net-Zero by 2040. We hope, and believe, we will be able to achieve this target far sooner, even as we continue to grow.

We have already implemented certain small initiatives that make a big difference, helping us to ensure we work in an environmentally friendly way on a day-to-day basis. These include: ensuring recycling is carried out correctly; minimising our use of paper (we do not have a printer in our office!); encouraging environmentally friendly travel to work; buying and caring for office plants; using an internet search engine that plants trees every time a search is entered (Ecosia, check it out!); local and organic fruit deliveries; investing in eco-designed technology equipment that consumes less energy, and buying sustainable company products.

Further, we recently purchased our eco-friendly corporate branded bottles from One Green Bottle, who retrieve 25 single use plastics from the ocean every time a bottle is bought.

We are also doing our best to influence small changes across our own supply chain. For example, since approximately 30% of rubbish is food waste which can be recycled or composted, we are in discussions with our office landlord to encourage the separation of food from general waste.

As a team, we are committed to improving the sustainability of our business for good. This has been reinforced by our two market-leading sustainability consultants, Lucy Carver and Vanessa Neill, who sit on our Bench of Experts. We look forward to working closely with them this year as we take the next steps towards an ambitious and zero-carbon future for the firm.

While Nepean is a small business, and limited in what we can achieve against the backdrop of a global crisis, we are committed to doing what we can, both as a company, and as a trusted advisor to our clients. As the impact of climate change becomes more and more evident, doing – and saying – the right thing, has never been more important. Every interaction, action and reaction – however small – matters.