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A management consultancy specialising in reputation.

Nepean helps clients create value by understanding and taking control of their reputation.

We believe insight, experience and creativity work hand-in-hand to help solve business challenges and make the best strategic decisions.

The Nepean

We help our clients understand what their most critical audiences really think about them.

Those insights ensure we build and deliver propositions, narratives, engagement strategies, campaigns and relationships that truly impact reputation. And value.

Our clients call on us for senior level advice and delivery at critical moments. We help them win their argument, be better understood and avoid costly mistakes.

We bring together experience from the worlds of capital markets, corporate and crisis communications, politics and campaigning.

Research and Insight

We don’t believe in guesswork. Our advice and delivery are powered by real-world data and analytics on perceptions and opinions of your business.

You may think you know what your critical stakeholders think about you. We know that, until you ask them, you actually don’t.

We help you understand who matters most to your reputation, what they think about you and what to do about it.

Body Language

Your critical stakeholders – those who matter most to your reputation and business – are human.

Body language matters as much to corporates as it does in our everyday life. In a world of ever greater transparency and scrutiny, what businesses do, or choose not to do, matters. We call this Corporate Body Language.

We advise not just on what to do, but how to do it.

Behaviour. Language. Engagement.

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What We Do

We help you understand your reputation, who matters most and what to do about it.

We help you in times of stress, change, transaction and opportunity.

We help you deliver.

Research & Insight

Narrative & Proposition Development



Senior Counsel


Crisis Management

Digital & Video

Who We Are

Nepean means seasoned and senior advice combined with a diversity of age and outlook to continually challenge the way we and our clients think.

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Your Career

We hire intelligence, curiosity, drive, diversity, challenge and a point of view. Should that be you?