Specialists in strategic communications,
reputation management
and stakeholder engagement.

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Trusted advisors to alternative investment firms, private companies and individuals.

We believe the decisions a business makes and the behaviours it displays are the key drivers of its reputation. Only by addressing these can organisations create an effective way of communicating and engaging all stakeholders.

By using research and insight to support good judgement and experience, we provide expert and honest counsel, absolute discretion and an informed perspective on the issues that matter most to businesses. We help our clients solve problems and enable them to better connect and engage with their key stakeholders.

Our client list is carefully curated to ensure we only work with people we respect. This ensures we are fully committed to helping them achieve their objectives, as well as creating deeper relationships with a concentrated community of clients where we know we can truly add value.

We do not “chase the next win”. We actively seek out quality over quantity in everything we do.

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Our Services

In a changing and challenging business environment, where reputation is a key driver of value, we help business leaders solve problems and make the right strategic decisions.

The world is more transparent than ever and both scrutiny and ESG expectations of business are increasing. We help clients understand risks and opportunities and develop strategies to manage and communicate these in order to create value and drive impact.

Transactions and fundraising are critical events, where every action and reaction impacts outcome. We help clients achieve their objectives by advising on their behaviour, language and engagement.

In a fragmented, and always on world, we help our clients develop digital strategies and engage their key stakeholders. Utilising the right mix of channels, we are able to create meaningful engagement, accelerate the delivery of a narrative and drive retention and affinity.

In moments of intense scrutiny, when reputation and value are at risk, we help clients bring their key internal and external stakeholders with them in order to achieve both short and long-term objectives.

In litigation, astutely judged and accurate communications are critical to minimising risk and preserving reputations. We work closely with our clients’ legal advisors to complement and support the litigation strategy at every stage.

A different approach for a changing and
challenging business environment

Our purpose is to develop, nurture and challenge our people so they can maximise their potential and better advise our clients.

Our Behaviours

  • We care about our people and make sure we enjoy our work
  • We are thoughtful and considered with our advice
  • We are empathetic, discreet and trusted
  • We seek out solutions
  • We actively create a high-performance culture
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Informed Perspectives

Read our thoughts on the issues facing businesses and their leaders

We actively seek out people who challenge how we think and have diversity of experience


We have a broad mix of expertise and backgrounds, with a Bench of Experts that we draw on depending upon client needs

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